D-MAS HyperSat: Diving and Hyperbarics

D-MAS HyperSat: Diving and Hyperbarics

D-MAS HyperSat:
..Diving and Hyperbarics

DanMedical offers the market-leading telemedicine solution specifically for Saturation Diving and Hyperbaric treatment chambers: D-MAS HyperSat.

The onerous and demanding conditions for divers working in Saturation Diving chambers create very specific risks. In this environment, a medical incident is always serious. Therefore, obtaining prompt and accurate medical data from the patient is essential. Furthermore, sharing this data with a shore-based specialist medical doctor – as required under the recommendations of DMAC 28 and OGP 411 – enables more informed and more accurate decision making. 

During Hyperbaric treatment, it is essential for the supervising medical staff to be able to monitor the patient in real-time. D-MAS Hypersat permits unprecedented remote medical monitoring of the patient using real-time data taken within the Hyperbaric pressure chamber. 

The system can be customised by adding the client’s own suite of software tools including Desktop Sharing, Video Conferencing or Email.

Pressure testing verified by IHC Hytech B.V. and DNV. Tested in Heliox to 450msw and with evelated oxygen to 18msw.

Standard medical devices included:

  • Blood Pressure: Cuffs in three sizes (S,ML)
  • Pulse CO-Oximetry with Masimo SET finger clip sensor for SPO2 (Saturated Oxygen)
  • Resting ECG (12 lead with University of Glasgow Interpretation software)
  • Extended ECG
  • Core Temperature Measurement
  • Spirometry
  • Digital Video IrisScope
  • D-MAS Webcam for still images
  • D-MAS Software license for 12 months

Optional add-on medical functions

  • End Tidal CO2 measurement (ETCO2 / Capnography)
  • Audiometry
  • Digital Video LaryngoScope
  • Digital Video DermoScope (CapillaryScope)
  • Digital Video DentalScope
  • Digital Video OtoScope

Please view the PDF below for more information and latest specification of the D-MAS HyperSat, including available add-on functions: