StanGuard EPIRB Receiver
EPIRB Guard receiver.
Manufactured since 2003 and installed on 100s vessels.

The device was invented and developed by Mr. Stan McNally who after many years of promoting Safety at Sea is now retiring. Enquiries for this product are now managed by Ian Drysdale.

Message from Stan:
The Standguard 406 Mhz EPIRB Guard Receiver is definitely needed at Sea, in Harbour offices, Mariners and at Airports. I do so hope you will succeed with your youth and new approach, It will make such a difference to Safety in this World of ours and save our Safety Organisations time, resource and expenditure from over 96% False Alarms.
Good Luck in your endeavours.
Best regards,
Stan McNally
Innovation Technology U.K. Ltd

P.S. So looking forward to leaving the Bridge and retirement but enjoyed every minute of my endeavours.